Abrupt dancing in the middle of a pep rally;
Sitting alone mumbling in a dark alley,
Boisterous self-exchange in conversation,
What is your interpretation?
No, I’m not mental;
I’m sane and gentle,
To talk in verse,
Is this my curse?

They ask me, “Who are you, Dr. Seuss?”
No, allow myself to introduce,
I have been gifted the ability to speak in rhyme;
It’s no crime,
You ought to try it sometime;
Grab yourself a bowl,
It can be food to your soul.



Sticks and stones,
Can break the human bones;
But words in happy light,
Does the mind, body, and soul just right.

Words have extreme power,
They can be sweet or horribly sour;
Life on a positive connotation,
Can alleviate stress complication.
Hatred blur,
A negative slur;
Have you no morale?
What is your rationale?

Agree to disagree,
Sip a cup of tea;
If you don’t buy it
Just keep quiet;
Need not act like a foolish clown,
For we are here to lift up not tear down.


Coins from the attic,
Can your approach be a little pragmatic?
Be more systematic.

Fallen short on your luck;
And you need a buck,
Do not sit on your bustle;
Step up and hustle,
Lean on one another;
As an occasional cover,
Don’t expect human kindness to pay your way;
For you are not in bodily decay,
Acquire total self-care;
Be respectful if you dare,
Live life with a flair;
Are you in despair?
Or do you even care?

Coins from the attic,
Please don’t be so erratic;
For they don’t fall from the ceiling,
Please do your own physical reeling.


You were my secret pursuit,
My forbidden fruit;
A conquest taken,
A love forsaken.

It seems so easy to bake,
Quite difficult to take;
In quest of the ice cream and cake,
Haste of the inappropriate suitor;
Call yourself an unwelcome intruder,
Is the time spent;
Worth your personal torment?
When you’re not real,
Life stands still.
You’ve just become
A typical hit and run,
Are you having fun?


The female mind,
At work all the time;
Trying to figure out,
What her life is all about.

Man of the house;
As quiet as a mouse,
Acting far from ordinary;
Resembles the cat that swallowed the canary.
My grown child;
In automatic slumber style,
In this type of weather;
I try to keep it together,
Always looking for some kind of sign;
To reassure me that all is fine,
As I talk to the Great Divine;
I pick up that glass of wine.

She is a problem detector,
A situation corrector.
The female mind;
At work all the time,
Busy cooking;
But always looking.


Yes, you know how to take a stand;
But do you know how to be a man?

A man stands tall in respect,
Strength in Family to protect;
A learned lesson, I suspect.
Responsible for all of his off-spring;
Past the sowing your wild oats thing,
Hold a woman in the highest regard;
Monogamy within your own yard,
A man provides with his hard-earned wages;
Sober to live life in growing phases.

Do you know how to be a man?
A man will always take a stand;
May not agree with the matters at hand,
But will forever understand,
Never violently demand;
To a mother he is unique and grand,
The test of time he will always withstand.