I had no vision;
Of this 24/7 collision,
It is not my desire;
To walk on shattered glass fire,
Losing determination;
Lacking motivation,
This not what I planned;
This is in God’s hand,
He directs our path and our steps;
Without regrets,
The forgiveness of our debts;
It’s quite difficult to trust,
Although it’s an absolute must;
We are shown,
The power is not my own;
In our personal duties assigned,
No need to frantically search and find;
Why life has taken a negative decline,
There is no purpose behind;
The Heavenly mind,
With this awesome universe HE designed;
No need for necessary distress,
Don’t hinder your own success.



All of the worldly gifts will not resolve,
Nor will they absolve,
Parental responsibility;
The electronic gadgets ensued;
Are often misused and abused,
The tablet can’t take the place of parental guidance;
It only brings self silence,
Parents drop what you are doing;
Stop that popping gum chewing,
Your kids are on the verge;
Invent a parent child power surge.
Don’t be lazy;
Plant a daisy,
Don’t allow the internet to raise your baby;
You might hit a home run,
You might have a little fun;
Like an easy one, two, three,
Just maybe.


Human gestures are a form of communication. In the wake of a personal accomplishment, there are some people who simulate puffing on a cigarette, as to say, “I got this,” or “A job well done with minimal effort.”

The poem entitled Puff, Puff, Pass is by no means intended to promote any kind of illicit narcotic use or abuse. This content outlines the similarities of the narcotic effect without the use of any pharmaceuticals. This piece is about doing things in an all positive manner. In the addict this “high” would only result while being under the influence. In a nonaddict, this high is attained by doing positive things which make us happy.

Your comments are encouraged and appreciated. Thank you.


Our mind finds comfort in its own unique place;
In a self-reserved space.
Maybe it’s a cherry tart;
Or a shopping spree at the local mart,
Whatever your personal idea of a blast;
It’s equivalent to a puff, puff, pass.
When your day grows dark;
You lose that happy spark,
You feel an annoying tone;
In need of time alone,
You forget what life’s all about;
When things don’t work out,
Escape to your favorite life aspect;
Where you get the same effect,
When you think your situation won’t last;
Complete that impossible task,
In a world that is vast;
Just puff, puff, pass.
When you’ve run out of time;
You’re on your last dime,
The road becomes bumpy and obscure;
Things seem extremely unsure,
Stumble on a visual contrast;
Take a life class,
Don’t run out of gas;
All you’ve got to do is puff, puff, pass.



I don’t have all the answers as to how this complicated world works nor do I claim to. All I know is what works for me. When there is a subject that I question or need an explanation, I look  for the answers and I write. I know that if there is a particular question in the back of my mind, others may be pondering the same.

In September 2018, I started a blog called Tranquil Mountain. I am so very gracious to say that as of today, I have acquired 100 followers! Thank you to all of my beautiful brothers and sisters from all around the globe. You are truly awesome! There are no words to describe my humble appreciation. May the Prince of Peace bring you many blessings.


All of your characteristics thrown into one pile;
There’s no denial,
No time to redial;
You are your Father’s Child.
Your facial expressions;
A perfect impression,
Inward cheek dimples;
Less than simple,
Need I mention
The lack of apprehension;
The manner in which you complete your task,
The way you carry around your liquor flask;
The fight to get ahead,
The exact words and phrases said;
That one of a kind physique,
Simple sentences you speak;
Your eyes of green,
Your similarities just make me want to scream!
This could not have been better portrayed,
If I had requested you custom made!


Don’t serve your child in his hand;
For he will not know how to individually stand,
Allow him to freely use his voice so unique;
Inform him that there is no option to be weak,
Teach them to clean after themselves;
Tell them there is no such thing as cleaning elves,
Instruct them to walk with their heads held high;
To never give up and always try,
To claim their independence;
Handle their individual circumstance.
Inform them that their spiritual life journey has only just begun;
Self-responsibility begins at eighteen to twenty-one,
Above all respect of self and others;
Love your worldly sisters and brothers,
To you a job well done, Fathers and Mothers!